November 19, 2008


So in two days I have two very exciting activities approaching (I am a very lucky girl aren't I). The first of which is the premiere of Twilight. A group of us will be going to the movie Thursday at midnight (I will have to take a nap first though :-)). At least three of us will be wearing our Twilight t-shirts (thanks Mom) and I am sure others at the theater will be dressed in fabulous Twilight attire as well. I will take my camera this time and get pictures so stay posted. The Twilight books are written for young adults and I am often asked why I like them so much. It is hard to describe. But I think Stephenie Meyer really gets inside the mind of a teenage girl and captures the insecurities, the drama, and most importantly the awe inspiring overwhelming effect of a first and true love. Of course there are vampires involved, but I think that the characters are all very unique and well developed. I think it is a wonderful world she has created. As for the movie, there are many changes from the book but I hope that it will be good. I know I will have a great time going to see it none the less.

Then early the next morning Esteban and I fly off to Florida for an 8 day Caribbean cruise (I hope there aren't any pirates). I can't express how excited and how ready I am for this trip. I have been very bad with learning the details of the trip (ie where we are going) but I am very ready to relax. :-) I am also very excited to be able to spend some time alone with Esteban. This is the first vacation the two of us have taken alone since our honeymoon. Even though we work together or maybe because we work together we don't often get the opportunity to take the time, get away, relax and just have fun. I think this trip is just what the physical therapist ordered. We have internet on the ship and I will try to update my blog with pics and daily activities.

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