November 26, 2008

Day 3

We spent most of today at sea, so more time for E and I in the spa. We arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico at 5 pm. It took about 1 hour to get off the ship. E and I did not sign up for an excursion today as it was going to be dark the entire time we were in port. So we walked around and explored San Juan with our new friends. We went to a street fair, a street party and walked around the ocean and looked at the fort lit up at night. Funny story when we were taking pics we noted a bat in a tree. I was trying to zoom in with my camera and take a picture. Before I snapped the pic the bat quickly flew at us all and dropped some pellet like things on our heads (seeds, not guano come on now). We all screamed and laughed hysterically. We finished the night eating at a tapas restaurant. It was a beautiful town, but difficult to get pics as it was so late at night.

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