November 9, 2008


Esteban and I have steadily been working on our Doctorate of Science at Texas Tech since Fall 2002. Last week we travelled to Lubbock for our last contact session which was for our class Updates in Orthopedic Surgical Management. As always it was great to catch up with our colleagues that live in Lubbock and those colleagues that we get to see only a couple of times a year that come from all over the world. It was kind of a bittersweet journey for me however. As much as I have belaboured the work involved with my doctorate, I will miss these trips to Lubbock and getting together with my doctoral colleagues. However, our therapist community is relatively small and well travelled so I hope to continue seeing them in the future. It was great to meet with our committee chairs and start working on our project. Over the next year Esteban and I have to make our proposal, teach our course and then defend. Currently we are slated to graduate in Spring of 2010 so keep the date open for one heck of a graduation party. Despite my nostalgia during this trip to Lubbock, I did not employ my camera as frequently as I had planned. Below I have pictures of Andres Domingo Sizer the newest addition to Phil and Irma's family. My pictures of colleagues on our last night in Lubbock did not turn out well due to poor lighting and an inexperienced photographer. However, Esteban and I were delayed in the Lubbock airport and played around the the giant chess set there. For those of you that don't know Esteban was a championship chess player and he always jokes about all the injuries that he incurred with this competitive and full contact sport. So we had a lot of fun with these pictures and I am sure we entertained many indiviudals in the Lubbock airport. :-)

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