November 3, 2008


So I really am not too philosophical, but this election and the state of the world gets the wheels in my head turning. I think that everyone right now truly wants to make this country a better place. Thus, the passions emerge and in order for one candidate to stand apart from another the negativity emerges. I cannot say that any candidate in this election is immune. However, the damage of this negativity carries over to us the populace. This negativity has in some cases had a divisive effect on the country and does not make this country a better place. I can honestly say that I hope my candidate wins. However, if he does not then I will wish the other candidate well and will do what I can to continue working toward the greater good. I hope others in both parties can follow this example. Hopefully I am not too idealistic but I do look forward to a world where politicians can campaign without negativity. I hope all goes smoothly for the country tomorrow and I wish everyone out there PEACE!

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