November 16, 2008

6th Grade

I have a love/hate relationship with technology. The hate part is due to the lack of personal interaction email, texting, and phone menus allows. The love part is how technology can make the world a smaller place. So in the past year I have become acquainted/addicted to Facebook. It is a social networking program that lets you reconnect with classmates and other people that you have met over the years. I have really enjoyed catching up with my college roommates as well as some of my PT school classmates. However about 2 weeks ago Kristin Putman (one of my friends from grade school and high school) posted our sixth grade class photo on her page and something extraordinary happened. Almost our entire class has reconnected and started talking. Currently one of my classmates is working on getting our teacher, Mrs. Shassetz, on Facebook so she can chat with us as well. I am going to post the photo below. I will not label myself in the picture however. You can guess for yourself if you like. : -) So if any of you out there who aren't on Facebook (Adam Martin, Keith Boquot, JT Crawley, Hillary Campbell, James Bowden, Chris Mayhoffer, Chad Hedzick (sorry if I misspelled names it has been a while)) see this please sign up and join our conversation. :-)

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Ben and Ashlee said...

Thats tough....I am not sure which one you are in the picture! :-)