November 26, 2008

Day 4

Today we spent the whole day on St. Thomas. According to the shopping expert on our ship this is one of the best shopping islands and there are GREAT deals on diamonds and tanzanite. So naturally we didn’t buy anything. Sorry no diamonds for Christmas (man what a scrooge I am). We did shop though, and that is when I realized I am really not a bling individual. The rest of the day we went snorkeling. It was beautiful. The waters were crystal clear and there were lots of fish and different kinds of coral. Our favorite type is brain coral which shockingly looks like a brain (not just a clever name). We were not able to go to our second snorkeling spot as the weather was too bad and the waves were too big. So we went to Water Island and walked around the beach and swam in the water for about 45 min. Esteban then went to Butterfly's Galore and took pics naturally.

Black and Red Butterfly

Ships at Water Island

Water Island

Shipwreck cove

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