November 26, 2008

Day 2

We spent all day at sea this day. It was a wonderful and very relaxing day. There were several things that I discovered this day. The first of which is that I don’t think I can get sea sick. For those of you that have not sailed to the Caribbean in November, the winds can be very high and the seas can be very rough. So needless to say we had a bumpy ride today. I thought it was very humorous trying to walk around. It was also tons of fun trying to exercise on the bike and on the elliptical machine today. When the boat would really go to the side it would feel like you were going to fall off or flip the machine on its side. Anyway I think that I must have burned twice the calories and strengthened my core at the same time because I didn’t fall! So this was the second thing I discovered, my balance is better than I thought. Esteban and I purchased the spa package our first day on the ship which we used this a lot today. With this package we went to the mineral baths, sauna and steam rooms. The mineral baths had these bars underwater that served like lounge chairs. So it was very comfortable to lie on the chairs and relax. The steam room and sauna had these large lounge chairs that heated up. We spent most of the day lounging and relaxing which was much needed after our frantic day of travel. This was our first formal night at dinner and the pictures below are of this. Attached are pics of Esteban and myself, Frannie and Keith, and Jeremy and Rachel (the people that sit at our table). I also attached a pic Esteban was taking of me when these inebriated guys jumped into the picture. Esteban thought this was hilarious and refers to them as my boyfriends when we see them around the ship.

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Ben and Ashlee said...

I like the pics. Very Nice! It looks like you guys are having a great time. The ship is "ginormous" Pretty cool! I hope that you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving!!