November 27, 2008

Day 5

Today we went to La Romana in the Dominican Republic. Esteban and I spent most of the day at the Altos de Chavon Artists Village. It was a very picturesque site. The design of the village is based on medieval Mediterranean architecture. It is located on a plateau overlooking the Chavron River. The village is dedicated to cultural exchange and enrichment. We took A LOT of cool pics here. I included some of them in my blog (note I took all of them except for the one of myself and the sunset one). The ride to and from the artists village went through Casa de Campo which was beautiful. This region has many multimillion dollar homes that were absolutely gorgeous however we were riding in a bus and were unable to take any pictures. (One cool tidbit about the artists village is that many of the walls are built from coral. I took many closeup pics of this as I found it fascinating).

Sunset leaving Dominican Republic

Artists village

Artists village

Esteban the photographer

Amphitheater at the artists village

Arriving at the Dominican Republic

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