September 12, 2009

Coop's photo shoot

So Cooper had his first official Uncle E photo shoot last weekend. There are tons of good pics from the weekend but in the interest of brevity I selected a few of my favs. Hope you all enjoy!

Hey Daddy What'cha Laughing At?

The Milk Block

Striking a pose with Aunt A

Momma and baby

Ready for the road

Coop singing opera

The opera was a tragedy. He really gets into his work.

Look at all that hair! :)

September 4, 2009

Guess Who Came for Dinner

So to end a great day yesterday Jessica, Steve and Cooper joined us for dinner last night. The meal was delicious (the best thin crust pizza Dominos has to offer), but the company was even better. :)

Deep Brain Stimulators and Punk Rock Hair

That is my theme for the day yesterday! :) Mom had her surgery yesterday to implant a new generator for her deep brain stimulators. This is the latest and greatest model that Medtronic has to offer so maybe Bionic Brain should be now added to the "theme". :) Mom, Dad, Steve, and I all arrived at the hospital in the wee hours of the morning (5 am anyone?) . . . She met with her doctors and nurses and then went in for surgery. She came through the surgery with flying colors (of course) with only a 6 inch incision on the right side of her head and another incision on her chest. This whole brain surgery thing is definitely not for sissys. With the betadine on her hair/sclap and blood from her incision she had streaks of red and yellow in her hair. A very punk rock look if you ask me. Kind of a rebel with a cause. They did turn her stimulator on very low, but by the time she got home she was moving better than she has been in months. Next week she gets her stimulator reprogrammed so stay tuned for more exciting updates. Thanks all for all the well wishes and positive thoughts!