March 16, 2010

Lance Mackey Wins the Iditarod

Well sports fans we have a winner. Lance Mackey became the first musher to win four consecutive Iditarods. Since my last post he raced from Elim to Golovin 28 miles, to White Mountain 18 miles, Safety 55 miles and then Nome 22 miles.

Currently Lance is the only rider to have arrived in Nome.

The rest of the standings are as follows:

2. Hans Gatt out of Safety 11 dogs 8.46 mph
3. Jeff King out of Safety 12 dogs 7.6 mph
4. Ken Anderson out of White Mountain 10 dogs 6.13 mph
5. John Baker out of White Mountain 9 dogs 7.04 mph
6. Hugh Neff out of White Mountain 9 dogs 5.4 mph
7. Ramey Smyth out of White Mountain 12 dogs 6.54 mph
8. Sebastian Schnuelle out of White Mountain 13 dogs 6.9 mph
9. Dallas Seavey in White Mountain 8 dogs
10. Mitch Seavey in White Mountain 9 dogs

For those of you who are wondering yes Dallas and Mitch are related. Dallas is Mitch's 22 year old son. :) It will be interesting to see how the rest of the field finishes!

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