March 10, 2010

Iditarod Day 5

Since yesterday the riders traveled from Nikolai to McGrath 54 miles. McGrath to Taknota 18 miles and then to Ophir 25 miles.

Current standings are as follows

1. John Baker out of Ophir 14 dogs
2. Dallas Seavey out of Ophir 13 dogs
3. Hans Gatt in Ophir 14 dogs
4. Cim Smyth in Ophir 14 dogs
5. Ramey Smyth in Ophir 15 dogs
6. Martin Buser in Ophir 14 dogs
7. Bruce Linton in Ophir 14 dogs
8. Michelle Phillips in Ophir 14 dogs
9. Robert Nelson out of Takotna 15 dogs
10. Jeff King in Takotna 16 dogs

2 more mushers have withdrawn since yesterday. Some of the mushers are playing out their strategies and taking their 24 hour break and others are continuing to run their teams. Will see what happens in the days to come.

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