March 7, 2010

2010 Mushers

Well sports fans looks like we have 71 mushers this year. For more information on them you can follow the link to

Some interesting stats:

46 of the mushers are from Alaska
13 are from the lower 48 (other US states)
12 are from other countries

The other countries represented include Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium, and Jamaica. Jamaica really surprised me! Never been there personally but not the climate I would think of for training for this race. :)

So yesterday was the ceremonial start for the race in Anchorage and today the racers are restarting the race in Willow. Willow I really like that name and for those curious minds out there no she is not named after the town but it is an interesting conincidence. :)

The racers are taking the Northern Route this year and the total distance to Nome is 1112 miles.

For more info on the Route you can check out

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