March 8, 2009

In good times and in bad

It seems to be a trend that my posts are coming at longer intervals. I have had things to write about just not the time lately to do so. So for all those interested parties you get to hear about my "lovely" week last week.

I believe that you cannot have or enjoy good things in life without also having some bad times as well. However, I also wonder when you have bad things happen why do they seem to compound one upon the other? Is this really the case or is it when our thinking turns negative we can see all the problems around us? I would like to think this is the case. So as a test I am going to list all the bad issues dealt this week (eliminating most names for privacy issues) as well as the good issues.

Unfavorable situations
  1. Friday before last Esteban and I were at work until 9:30 pm dealing with someone having a pain episode.
  2. I switched our phone system at work to VOIP to save money. The phones transitioned perfectly, however our fax was completely nonoperational for over one week. This is the primary way we get referrals. So in an ironic twist of events my trying to save money has cost the company more money that I would like to imagine.
  3. The mandatory government census that was due Friday got lost in the mail and had to be faxed over from our accountant and then faxed into the government.
  4. Our fax came back up for about 1 glorious hour Tuesday and we faxed out all sorts of stuff to our referral sources saying our fax is back up. Only to have it go back down causing us to get another friendly round of calls.
  5. Found out that despite assurances in November a VOIP system cannot support a fax. Found out that our current phone company will not allow us to keep only one line with them (6 line minimum).
  6. Found out that due to tax increases on our building we owe a good amount of money to our landlord for 2007.
  7. Had a patient fall in our bathroom.
  8. Had a glitch in our billing system that erased all payments posted on Monday
  9. Have a glitch in our documentation system that logs most users out after 20 min even if they are currently working.

Good situations

  1. Steve and Jessica found out that they are having a BOY!!!!
  2. Ashlee had a birthday this week. Happy Birthday to you!!!
  3. Our fax came back up Friday afternoon!!!
  4. We found a new company that will allow us to have only a fax line with them.
  5. Friday afternoon, before going home, I remembered that we had not received our census and therefore we had not sent it in to the government. Thanks so much to a conversation with Lisa! :-) You rock Lisa!!
  6. Raised money for Jerry's son's baseball team via a bowl-a-thon on Friday
  7. I won one round of the bowling (on our lane) with a score of 126 after throwing nothing but gutter balls for the first 3 frames. Crazy huh?
  8. I work with and am surrounded by some wonderful people!
  9. I have an amazing family!!!

Looking back it was a stressful week. However, there were many good things that happened as well. Probably my main issue this week was that I let the problems get to me. In life there are both good and bad situations around us all the time. If we focus on the bad we will see those clearly however the same is true if we look toward the good. In these times of stress and difficult world issues let us all try to look for the good.

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Ben and Ashlee said...

If only everyday was just Good Situations!! Life would be perfect!! :-) But then again, who would want a perfect life!!!