March 10, 2009

Iditarod Day 4

Hello again!

Since yesterday the mushers left Rainy Pass and made it to Rohn which was a 48 mile stretch. From Rohn the top 16 are have now made it to Nikolai which was a 75 mile leg. These mushers are now 347 miles away from the start in Anchorage.

Currently the top ten are
1. Sebastian Schnuelle
2. Hugh Neff
3. Paul Gebhardt
4. Aaron Burmeister
5. Ed Iten
6. Hans Gatt
7. Lance Mackey
8. Bjornar Andersen
9. Jeff King
10. Aliy Zirkle

No mushers have left the Nikolai check point yet. The next check point is McGrath which is in 54 miles. The trail from Nikolai to McGrath crosses many open lakes and swamps for the first 20 miles. When the wind is blowing, these areas can quickly drift in. Hopefully no mushers break through the ice this year.

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