February 8, 2009

Seattle, Port Angeles, and Forks

Well I am not caught up on my work but I had to upload these pics. These are from our weekend in Seattle. During most of this time we were actually in a billing conference. However, based on Lisa's recommendation, we took a detour to Forks via Port Angeles to get in touch with our inner Twilight. It was fantastic! This trip was one of the most fun adventures I have had in a long time. Due to time restraints ie making our flight at 1pm we had to be in Forks at 6 am and gone by 7:30 am so most of our pics are in the dark. Very fitting however since that is when the vampires are out. :-)

View of the water from Pike Place Market

The sign says it all

Lisa at Forks Outfitters (home of some awesome gluten-free cookies)

Breakin the law - not really I was very scared to stand by the Forks police car

Forks High School

Forks Physical Therapy - OK this was not in the book but I had to get my pic by this sign

Forks Hospital

Lisa blowing a kiss to Dr Cullen

So we heard that there was a Dr Cullen parking space at the hospital. We drove around it 2 times before we saw it. I was afraid we were going to get pulled over for cruising.

The Twilight Store in Forks - It was not open at 7 am on Sunday weird huh?

Lisa and myself on the beach in Port Angeles

Lisa and I standing by a totem pole outside of Port Angeles

The warm beach wind in Port Angeles

More totem poles - These were huge!

The trees outside of Forks
Our little car driving away from Forks :-(
This was a quick but a wonderful trip. I highly recommend a trip to the wettest place in the continental US. Thanks Lisa for suggesting this and coming with me I had a blast! I can't wait to go back! Hint hint Esteban!

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