August 30, 2009

Totally Tubular

Hello all! I have been a little lazy lately with the posts! It has been a beautiful August here in Kansas City! E and I are preparing to make a trip to Phoenix next week so watch for the upcoming posts and pics from that trip. :) I do need to catch you all up on the latest crop formations as their have been some very cool new ones. However, today I am attaching a picture of Morning Glory clouds. These cloud formations can grow to 600 miles long! I have never seen anything like them! Spectacular! For more information you can check out the link at

August 16, 2009

New Pics

Hello to all! It has been a while since I posted. I have not yet traveled to Arizona to see cute little Cooper but I do have some new pics! So of course I have to share them with you all! E and I will be in Arizona the first weekend in September and we are very excited to meet our new nephew and of course see the rest of the family as well! :)

Can't stay awake

What's up?

Grandma Tish and Cooper

Steve and Cooper
Da Boys! I love this pic!

Grandma Jean and Cooper

Jessica and Cooper

Momma and baby

Grandpa Bruce and Cooper

Cali and Cooper :)

August 6, 2009

SHHH Baby Sleeping

Here is a picture of Cooper after his first bath! That bath stuff is some pretty hard work! Looks like he is resting very well! What a cute little burrito baby!

Coopers first picture

Stop the press the first pic of Cooper is just in! When my dad came and took the first pic of me I think I started crying and then the nurse got mad at him and kicked him out of the nursery. Not so with Cooper! I think he is striking a pose already! More to pics to come!


Baby Cooper made his appearance in the world last night! No pictures yet but many to follow don't worry. I have been told mother and baby are doing well. I think his stats were 19 1/2 inches and 7 pounds 6 oz. Congratulations Jessica and Steve! And welcome to the world little Coop!

August 2, 2009

New Kachina Doll

Never fails I upload tons of pics from Canada and forgot to put one of the most important ones. E and I found this cool store in Canada with Native American art. We purchased this amazing modern katchina doll and had it shipped to us in KC. It just arrived Friday and I have already put it in our display case.

Here is a quick pic I took of him. I know when Esteban gets home there will be more pics and better quality of course. Anyway he is absolutely amazing in my opinion! I need to think of a name for him. Any suggestions?


I told you July was busy!! Esteban, Laura, and I went to Toronto for a conference thin an attempt to sell brochures for our company OEA. We had a great time with the trip but were not so successful in the selling department.

Some things I learned about Toronto. It is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. It has the most skyscrapers I have ever seen. The buildings are mostly made of glass as glass is more energy efficient. It is a very green city. Instead of billboards they have advertisements along the road made from different colored flowers that are strategically planted. Finally, it is touted as one of the cleanest cities. However, when we were there they sanitation engineers were on strike and had been for about 5-6 weeks. I found this fascinating and therefore took many pictures of trash. I got a great one of a garbage truck with its logo on the side "Making the City Better" driving away from a huge bunch of trash, but it was too dark and didn't turn out. I am going to have Esteban try his photoshop magic on it later.

Our new OEA booth

View from our hotel room

Laura and Esteban

Got Trash?

Biker art


The Toronto Skyline

E and I standing next to the sign displaying the vendors for the conference. Our company logo is on the second row from the bottom and two over from the left. :)

Goodbye Jerry

July also marked the end of an era for Esteban and myself.

Jerry our friend and coworker moved back to Arizona. We met him when we were in PT school and he helped to teach us rib mobs, bursal massage, neck mobilizations, etc. Then when Esteban and I moved to Alaska, Jerry and his family came about one year later. Then when E and I moved to Kansas City Jerry and his family also came. He helped us build Modern PT and has worked tirelessly there for the past 5 years. However, home is where the heart is and he just moved back to Tucson to be with his family.

We have always called Jerry magic hands as he is truly a gifted healer. I am very proud to know him and to have been able to work with him for the past 9 or so years. Below are some memories I have of Jerry over the years.

  • Esteban and Jerry laughing hysterically in the office or anywhere really.
  • In Alaska Jerry would often buy and bring me a Diet Coke to drink when he came into work. (When I drank soda) Not because I asked just because that is the kind of guy he is
  • Jerry, E, and I were on the same bowling team in Alaska. We won our league (not due to my skills however). However Jerry's name was spelled wrong and that is where he got his nickname "Kasquez".
  • Jerry and E invented break dance bowling. This is where you have to do a break dance move after you bowl. We have had the robot (always a favorite), catepillar, and Mexican hat dance.
  • Jerry managing our Final Four Basketball brackets every year and having to deal with all the trash talking I did. :)
  • This one is kind of gross but I am going to say it anyway. I had a patients kid throw up in my room on my birthday this year. Jerry worked on it for about one hour before his lunch time getting it cleaned up for me. Again not because I asked but just because it needed to be done.
Jerry's wife Elva is a wonderful cook and I will miss all the delicious lunches and dinners she made us as well as her fantastic pico de gallo and salsa. My mouth is watering just thinking of them.

Thanks guys so much for all the great memories and we will be sure to visit on our travels to Arizona.

We love you guys!

Jerry's going away cake. We had the picture on the cake in the clinic up in the clinic for years. Esteban and Jerry jokingly would tell patients that it was the two of them when they were younger. It is shocking how much they look like Napoleon and Pedro/ Esteban and Jerry. :)

Modern PT
John, Ashlee, Dio, Shabri, Mellannie
Me, Nancy, Court and Lisa
We will miss you Jerry

It's tough to get us all in one location.
John, Ashlee, Dio, Shabri, Mellannie
Esteban, Me, Court, Lisa
We will miss you Jerry

Modern PT at Emily's Wedding
Amy, Cheri, Jerry, Elva, Kelly
Lisa, Esteban, Courtney

Catching up

It is a beautiful morning in Kansas City and I am currently sitting outside enjoying the beautiful morning and thinking over the past month. I took a quick pic of my view this morning so you can all share it with me.

The month of July was extremely busy which you may have noticed by the shortage of posts by yours truly. There were many momentous events that happened in July which deserve to be documented however.

The first of these was a baby shower for a good friend of ours Kathy. We have known Kathy and Susan for more than 8 years now and we are the unofficial Aunt A and Uncle E for their son Jake and now their daughter Hunter.

Their baby shower happened early in the July and now their beautiful bundle of joy has arrived so I am going to combine both the events in this post. For their baby shower we played the string game where we each cut a piece of string estimating how big around Kathy was. Always a nice politically correct game for a pregnant lady (because none of them ever mind the weight gain that accompanies pregnancy right?). We also played a taste and identify the baby food game. Myself and my friend Courtney felt like we were at a distinct disadvantage for this game as we have not had children and had no idea there was Mac and Cheese baby food. Which by the way tastes hideous. :( Finally we played a game to see what team could braid a bunch of string the fastest. Unfortunately I did about as well with this as the baby food game. :) It was a wonderful party and below are some pics of the festivities.

Proud parents to be Susan and Kathy

String around the belly game

Courtney modeling some of Hunters new outfits

The end of July welcomed the arrival of little Hunter. She is absolutely beautiful. It was difficult for me to choose which pics to put on here as they are all so cute. :)

Susan, Kathy, and Hunter

Susan and Hunter

Hunter smiles (As a proud Aunt I have to brag that I was holding her when she smiled) :)

Dreaming of milk
Hunter and Esteban holding hands

Congratulations! Kathy, Susan and Jake! We are so happy for you.