August 2, 2009

Catching up

It is a beautiful morning in Kansas City and I am currently sitting outside enjoying the beautiful morning and thinking over the past month. I took a quick pic of my view this morning so you can all share it with me.

The month of July was extremely busy which you may have noticed by the shortage of posts by yours truly. There were many momentous events that happened in July which deserve to be documented however.

The first of these was a baby shower for a good friend of ours Kathy. We have known Kathy and Susan for more than 8 years now and we are the unofficial Aunt A and Uncle E for their son Jake and now their daughter Hunter.

Their baby shower happened early in the July and now their beautiful bundle of joy has arrived so I am going to combine both the events in this post. For their baby shower we played the string game where we each cut a piece of string estimating how big around Kathy was. Always a nice politically correct game for a pregnant lady (because none of them ever mind the weight gain that accompanies pregnancy right?). We also played a taste and identify the baby food game. Myself and my friend Courtney felt like we were at a distinct disadvantage for this game as we have not had children and had no idea there was Mac and Cheese baby food. Which by the way tastes hideous. :( Finally we played a game to see what team could braid a bunch of string the fastest. Unfortunately I did about as well with this as the baby food game. :) It was a wonderful party and below are some pics of the festivities.

Proud parents to be Susan and Kathy

String around the belly game

Courtney modeling some of Hunters new outfits

The end of July welcomed the arrival of little Hunter. She is absolutely beautiful. It was difficult for me to choose which pics to put on here as they are all so cute. :)

Susan, Kathy, and Hunter

Susan and Hunter

Hunter smiles (As a proud Aunt I have to brag that I was holding her when she smiled) :)

Dreaming of milk
Hunter and Esteban holding hands

Congratulations! Kathy, Susan and Jake! We are so happy for you.

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