August 2, 2009


I told you July was busy!! Esteban, Laura, and I went to Toronto for a conference thin an attempt to sell brochures for our company OEA. We had a great time with the trip but were not so successful in the selling department.

Some things I learned about Toronto. It is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. It has the most skyscrapers I have ever seen. The buildings are mostly made of glass as glass is more energy efficient. It is a very green city. Instead of billboards they have advertisements along the road made from different colored flowers that are strategically planted. Finally, it is touted as one of the cleanest cities. However, when we were there they sanitation engineers were on strike and had been for about 5-6 weeks. I found this fascinating and therefore took many pictures of trash. I got a great one of a garbage truck with its logo on the side "Making the City Better" driving away from a huge bunch of trash, but it was too dark and didn't turn out. I am going to have Esteban try his photoshop magic on it later.

Our new OEA booth

View from our hotel room

Laura and Esteban

Got Trash?

Biker art


The Toronto Skyline

E and I standing next to the sign displaying the vendors for the conference. Our company logo is on the second row from the bottom and two over from the left. :)

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