June 14, 2009


So I made a surprise trip home for Mom's birthday. It has been a wonderful visit getting to catch up with my family. Yesterday we made a trip to Steve and Jessica's new house. They recently moved and are continuing to move in. The house is beautiful and they are already doing a great job getting everything put together. They also have some amazing plans for changes they are going to make to the house over time. However, they currently have one big change to prepare for . . . can you say baby. :)

So I took some pics when I was at their house. However, I have realized some things.

1. Esteban is a much better photographer (well I always knew that one). Just preparing you for the quality of my pics.

2. I forgot to take pics of the front of the house. So you will just have to use your imagination until I return for another visit.

3. I did take one of the backyard. Please notice the blue sky. The weather here has been great! Sorry to those who are still "enjoying" some more rain in Kansas City.

Here is a pic of the family in Steve and Jessica's living room. Aren't they a great looking bunch? And the house looks great too!

Here is the baby's room. It is a work in progress. Steve just got the crib assembled and he is preparing for the next steps of decorating and assembling the room. I have seen what they are planning and it will be one of the most fun/cool baby rooms ever. :)

Part of the backyard. Lovely Arizona. Blue sky and mountains. Gotta love it!

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