February 8, 2009


So I have been remiss in posting my pics of my Seattle, Port Angeles, and Forks trip last weekend. Don't worry I will eventually get around to this. When I get a little more caught up on work. . . Here are some morsels of info that I learned on my trip.

1. Midwest Airlines has the most delicious cookies but the most unfriendly flight attendants. You know who you are wonder twins who would never smile at us despite our silly attempts to make you do so. You know who you are lady who said "We ran out of lunch and cookies" no sorry or can we get you anything else even though the plane was only 25% full.

2. The Grove has the best Gummy Bears, Swedish Fish, and Jelly Beans!

3. You can essentially live off Gummy Bears, Swedish Fish, and Jelly Beans for three days! Lisa and I are living proof!

4. You can get lost in the Sea-Tac Doubletree Hotel. There were too many hallways, this had nothing to do with the copious amounts of sugar we were ingesting thank you :-)

5. The buses in Seattle are hybrids. My lungs and the earth thank you!

6. Pike Place Market is AMAZING! We could have spent most of the day there.

7. I now need to add pickled green beans from Pike Place Market to #3. That was our vegetable group!

8. We might have had two of the unhappiest people in Seattle (besides our flight attendants) sitting behind us at the billing course. Nothing was acceptable to them (the information we learned, the questions asked, etc). I think they needed a little more sunshine.

9. There are parts of Seattle you don't want to get lost in . . .

10. The drive to Port Angeles and then Forks is beautiful. The trees and lakes are amazing. Hopefully the pics will do it justice.

11. Port Angeles is a charming town!

12. We did not see one car in Forks only trucks, and 90% of the trucks were pulling fishing boats!

13. They have Delicious gluten free cookies at Forks Outfitters!

14. You can actually take pictures at the Forks High School, Forks Outfitters, Forks Police Station, Forks Hospital, and the Twilight Store in one hour. We did a lot of running but we made it! We would have liked to spent more time but there was this pressing matter of a flight back to KC.

15. Stephenie Meyer and her Twilight Series are sources of endless entertainment. Thank you Stephenie!

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