January 24, 2009

25 Random Things

25. When I was a 13 I wanted to be an astronaut
24. When I get nervous I bite or pick the skin on my left thumb
23. I have recently started a blog and love it
22. I am a vegan
21. Since reading Twilight I have started reading more young adult books. I am getting in touch with my inner "teen". Yikes
20. I never thought I would move away from Arizona
19. I miss our going to dinner and a movie at the Bear Tooth (our favorite hang out in Alaska)
18. I love the Iditarod - It starts March 2nd mark your calendars!
17. Esteban and I met in PT school in 1997 and have worked together ever since. We are together so much we can finish each others sentences.
16. I love being my own boss
15. Sometimes I think about getting my Masters in Business Administration after I finish my Doctorate of Science. Yeah I must be taking crazy pills!
14. I loved being in PT school. Not only did I meet Esteban but I had a wonderful class and we were in Flagstaff what could have been better?
13. When driving through a one mile tunnel in Alaska I found out I was mildly claustrophobic. That was one long tunnel.
12. I talk and sing to myself a lot. Usually when I am alone but I have been caught several times :-)
11. I love working with chronic pain patients
10. I get very anxious in large groups of people
9. I am finally getting used to living in Kansas City
8. My parents are my heroes
7. Esteban always makes me laugh when he starts cracking himself up at his "jokes"
6. I practice Falun Gong
5. I am a very liberal Democrat
4. I have been blessed with a wonderful family. I am who I am based on what they have taught me
3. I believe in dualism
2. I believe in equal rights for people of all races, religions, and sexual orientation.
1. I married my best friend what's better than that?

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