October 25, 2009

Happy BDay Daddy-o

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest men I know (I would have said the greatest but E is reading this d-oh)! Hope your day is filled with laughter, love, happiness, and most importantly lots of good food! Sorry I could not be there in person but myself and little bean (the baby) are thinking of you. :)

Here are some things I just learned about you via your zodiac sign Scorpio.
  • You have a sensitive and imaginative nature. Sensitive is a definite as you are one of the most caring people I know. Imaginative also definite as you make up some of the craziest stories/jokes ever!
  • There is an ageless quality about scorpios. Well you did just get one year older today, but you are still goofy, young and vibrant in my eyes. I would say affirmative to the agelessness as well!
  • They need to be vigilant about their eating habits if they want to stay slim (no kidding it really says this!?!). Well Dad is vigilant about his eating. He loves to eat! All kidding aside he has always lived a very healthy lifestyle and he looks fantastic!
  • They don't believe in doing anything the easy way and will make sacrifices to make their dreams come true. Absolutely. He is stubborn and one heck of a fighter (in the noblest sense of course)!
Best wishes for today and many wonderful birthdays to come!

Love you lots!


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