October 5, 2009

American Royal BBQ

So this is my favorite time of year! Fall. The time when the trees are changing colors and the weather is getting cooler. Here in KC this is also the time for barbecue. There is a wonderful smoky aroma in the air at night. It is wonderful! This is definitely not the time of year for vegetarians. :)

So Modern PT sponsored a local BBQ team this year! They are "Howlin Wolfe's BBQ". Last Friday night we went out to support them (or more accurately sample their food). From what everyone told me the barbecue was great! Here are some pics of their set up and our logo on their banner. The pics were taken on Tony's blackberry at night so the quality is a little less than Esteban's normal but it is enough to get the picture (literally). Happy Fall to all!

Howlin Wolfe's BBQ Central

Lisa and myself posing as usual :)

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