January 24, 2009

25 Random Things

25. When I was a 13 I wanted to be an astronaut
24. When I get nervous I bite or pick the skin on my left thumb
23. I have recently started a blog and love it
22. I am a vegan
21. Since reading Twilight I have started reading more young adult books. I am getting in touch with my inner "teen". Yikes
20. I never thought I would move away from Arizona
19. I miss our going to dinner and a movie at the Bear Tooth (our favorite hang out in Alaska)
18. I love the Iditarod - It starts March 2nd mark your calendars!
17. Esteban and I met in PT school in 1997 and have worked together ever since. We are together so much we can finish each others sentences.
16. I love being my own boss
15. Sometimes I think about getting my Masters in Business Administration after I finish my Doctorate of Science. Yeah I must be taking crazy pills!
14. I loved being in PT school. Not only did I meet Esteban but I had a wonderful class and we were in Flagstaff what could have been better?
13. When driving through a one mile tunnel in Alaska I found out I was mildly claustrophobic. That was one long tunnel.
12. I talk and sing to myself a lot. Usually when I am alone but I have been caught several times :-)
11. I love working with chronic pain patients
10. I get very anxious in large groups of people
9. I am finally getting used to living in Kansas City
8. My parents are my heroes
7. Esteban always makes me laugh when he starts cracking himself up at his "jokes"
6. I practice Falun Gong
5. I am a very liberal Democrat
4. I have been blessed with a wonderful family. I am who I am based on what they have taught me
3. I believe in dualism
2. I believe in equal rights for people of all races, religions, and sexual orientation.
1. I married my best friend what's better than that?

January 4, 2009


So this year E and I did our traveling for the holidays after the fact. It was different not being with our family during the holiday season. However, so far with this trip we have been able to spend more quality time with our family. For the past two days we have been staying with my brother Steve and his wife Jessica and their two dogs Cali and Rilo. We have had some wonderful meals, seen the sights of Gilbert, and shared a lot of laughs (many at my expense) :-). Below are some pics of the house Steve and Jessica have been doing some fabulous work restoring for us. In addition there are pics of their babies (the four legged kind).

Sorry Steve this was too much for me to pass up. Steve repainted all the doors in the house before we came. He did not have time to hang them all however. He did hang this one to provide them some privacy for their bedroom. However, after hanging the door he discovered it did not actually fit. I call this a room with a view! :-)

The view from the front door through the kitchen into the living room. Steve did all the floors! What a FANTASTIC job!

The office. Looks too pretty to work in. You will never see a picture of my office on here. Too many papers and too much clutter.


Cali. I couldn't resist putting this pic on here. She was putting on a sad face waiting for a treat. Do they know how to manipulate us or what?

Waiting for more treats

Jess and Steve